Coming to a radio near you: The Tailgate Guys

It’s official – The Tailgate Guys are coming to a radio near you.

Co-hosts Lyndal Scranton and Steve Koehler are bringing The Tailgate Guys to KICK, 1340 AM on Saturdays 11 a.m.-noon.

Tentatively, the inaugural show is scheduled for Jan. 16.


We’ll talk all things BBQ – with some sports on the side. It will be tremendous.

You can listen online at or with a free app for iPhone and Android devices by searching for 1340 Big Talker.

Affordable advertising is available for this one-of-a-kind radio show for the Ozarks area. Contact me via email at

2 thoughts on “Coming to a radio near you: The Tailgate Guys”

  1. Lyndal, I have a windows phone that can’t get your station because it requires Adobe Flash to hear it. This is a Windows issue I think. Not to worry, Brenda has a android phone so all I have to do is get her to stay off her games during your show. Looking forward to hearing you down here on the coast.

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